Trident Air


Trident MINI


Equipped with SAFE AIR DOME technology that not only sanitises both air and surfaces, Trident MINI also purifies the air from the haze, smoke, pollen, and other indoor air pollutants.

  • Dimensions: 367 x 327 x 577mm (14.4 x 12.8 x 22.7inch)
  • Coverage up to 74 sqm
  • Wi-Fi App Control
  • Speed: 1, 2, 3, 4, AUTO
  • Built-in TVOC & PM2.5 Sensors & Indicators
  • Washable Filters
  • Additional Features: Child-lock, and Sleep mode
  • Applications: Office, Hotels, Retail Shops, Hospitals, Schools


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The Air Purifier
that kills viruses, not trap them.

Developed in collaboration with A*STAR

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The Safe Air Dome Technology for you and your family

Here’s Why:

Your Environment Sanitised

Trident mimics the natural process of sunlight by diffusing bi-polarised ions indoors to sanitise both air and surface continuously.

Surface Sanitisation

Trident’s Cold Plasma ions continuously sanitises all surfaces in the room when left on 24/7. It greatly reduces the growth of bacteria and fungus on carpets and humid areas.

Built-in Dual Air Quality Sensors

Built-in PM & VOC sensors monitor indoor air quality continuously. The airflow is adjusted automatically according to air pollution levels.

Removes Other Indoor Air Pollutants

Removal of smells and other harmful pollutants present in indoor environment.

Safe Air Dome Technology

Trident’s breakthrough Active Graphene electrostatic filter or A.G.E. plate coupled with built-in UVC cleans and disinfects up to 5 times faster than most air purifiers. It also begins eliminating viruses, bacteria, VOCs, allergens and dust up to 99.99% the moment Trident is turned along with a high coverage area that is far more effective than others.

Washable Filters

Traditional filters need to be replaced regularly, else the build-up of dust, odour, virus, bacteria, and mould will cause secondary pollution in the room. Washable filters in Trident not only eliminate such problem, but also save on costly replacement filters.

Well-loved by Singaporeans

Here’s what they say

Having two cats in the household, I am constantly looking for solutions to improve the air quality within my home.…So excited when we found Trident Plus Air Purifier! Its unique 'Safe Air Dome Technology' helps to remove up to 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, allergens and dust in the air. The sensors within will automatically adjust the airflow power according to the air quality of your indoor space. Most air purifiers require you to buy replacement filters that are not cheap. Trident Plus uses washable electrostatic plates which helps you save money on that.

Betsy A. Chen

Been using the Trident PLUS around the house for over a month now and clean air has never been better!….Favourite uses for me are in the sports cabinet where mould and fungus tend to grow due to the high humidity - the Trident PLUS solves that at the push of a button. And also the ‘Safe Air Dome’ Technology – that makes me feel protected from all particles and germs when sitting inside an invisible force field 💪🏼

Eugene Lim

My living room is now my most favourite place in the entire house - all because of my Trident Plus Air Sanitizer!

All thanks to their “Hunt, Catch, Kill” technology! Trident’s Cold Plasma technology mimics the sun’s natural process of diffusing positive & negative oxygen ions into the environment, effectively sanitizing both air, & surfaces..There’s really nothing to “complain” about the Trident Plus!


I got a unit of trident safe air dome mini when I tested positive for covid back in March.

As I was worried my 2 year old boy will catch it too. He was co-sleeping with me before I was positive. And lo and behold no one in my family caught covid beside me!I have also noticed, my son has lesser bout of flu and cough since we got the safe air dome! The room air smell fresher too like it’s it’s been aired well 💕💕..


I really love the smart auto adjustment of fan speeds that helps to reduce energy consumption when in low fan mode. Now we can have cleaner air whilst reducing energy consumption! What more can we ask for? 🤗

Cindy Tan